Creating Content

Saying it your way with original flair or in plain English

The way that written content in any media, whether online or offline is structured, is essential to the success of its inherent message.  Carefully written copy aims to engender a positive response and deliver its message in a succinct yet powerful way to illicit the desired response. In fact expertly written copy significantly increases conversions.  Copy has to work doubly hard online because it should contain keywords and phrases that will help search engines associate your product or service with search queries and ultimately improve your web page ranking.

Four key benefits of effective copy:

  1. Creates interest and desire 
  2. Effective copy leads potential clients and/or customers towards a desired action
  3. Powerful use of language delivers the right message
  4. It strengthens your brand or company's reputation and identity, it importantly brings personality
  5. Improves conversion rates

At Monkey House Marketing we love a good story told well.  With many years experience providing effective copy across all platforms, (social media, webs pages, blog posts, thought leadership, industry news etc.), the process of our writing here at MHM is that the copy always starts with the end result in mind. It is this approach combined with an understanding of human behaviour, psychology, marketing experience and knowledge of demographics,  that makes for a great story with a happy conversion-rate ending.

Engaging content for websites, social media, blogs, press releases, e-newsletters, in-house magazines, presentations, and annual reports. Instagram Stories and TikTok videos, plus infographics.

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