Marketing Strategy and Support

When your team lacks strategic marketing experience

As a marketing consultant, I provide both marketing advice and marketing strategies that are in line with your business objectives.  I always start by assessing your status, where you are in your league - so to speak; carrying out research into the products or services and markets of your competitors.  Being experienced and thorough in what I do, this scoping process often yields insight into other areas you haven't considered, helping you evaluate diversification, new products or service bolt-ons.

I work in two ways, consider me a senior employee, hands-on, performing much of the actual marketing myself on behalf of your business, and/or training you to eventually do it for yourself, (providing support and advice when needed).  As a professional, I can help you develop powerful marketing tactics to attract customers as well as create effective campaigns, small or large, that score highly, increasing overall sales of your products or services.

If any of the following resonates with you, then it time for a pep talk:

  • Your hit-or-miss marketing has stopped working and you are running out of ideas
  • You are too busy to take a step back and review what you are actually doing
  • You get stuck in converting users into customers
  • Your competitors are causing you pain
  • Not enough people knowing your brand
  • You do not understand your customers
  • You want to increase the value of your products or service
  • You have way too many goals

Looking for hands-on help, crafting campaigns, coordinating deliverables, managing your sales and marketing team

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